Prenatal Thai Massage E-Book


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Prenatal Thai Massage is a healing system that nourishes moms-to-be as their bodies prepare for childbirth. It combines the mindful movements of yoga with the nurturing touch of massage. This 125-page e-book contains techniques for prenatal clients in any stage of pregnancy. Learn seated, side-lying, and semi-reclined positions. The appendix features specific techniques for addressing sciatica, headaches, and more!

This book is specifically intended for:

  • Yoga instructors, especially those trained in prenatal yoga, who want to offer bodywork to their students. Instructors can use the techniques in this book as assists, or hands-on nurturing support, during yoga classes.
  • Thai bodyworkers who aim to keep the continuity of care when working with their regular clients. Learning Prenatal Thai Massage is a great way to support long-time clients through this important period in their lives.
  • Massage therapists who are ready to expand their prenatal massage knowledge base. While the routine in this book is performed on a mat, many of the techniques demonstrated can be used on a massage table or chair. This allows more creativity and versatility in your practice.

About Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a branch of Traditional Thai Medicine. It has roots in hatha yoga, Theravada Buddhism, indigenous Thai healing practices, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda. The techniques include compressions with hands and feet, forearm rolling, thumb pressure, stretching, and joint movements.