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Use nature’s wisdom to create high quality (and low cost) body butter, foot scrubs, deodorant, and other body products for the whole family! As soon as your payment is accepted you will be prompted to download this book in it’s PDF (digital) version.

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Long before supermarkets and big cosmetic companies, nature has been providing all of your body care needs. Artisans and herbalists still keep in these traditions, meticulously crafting some of the world’s best soaps, lotions, and balms made with the freshest ingredients. So what is the difference between these products and typical products you find at the drugstore? A lot of the products found in major chain stores have preservatives in them so that they do not spoil quickly. They also contain artificial coloring and/or harsh detergents. Typically, the ingredients used in these products are of lower quality, and therefore are less expensive so the manufacturer turns a larger profit.

Remember, what you put on your skin goes directly into your bloodstream. Luckily there are some quality ingredients that will compliment your body’s chemistry and give you wonderful, healthy skin.

Making your own body products is a great project to be enjoyed on your own or with friends and family!