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4 Quick Tips for Successful Online Learning for LMTs

With self-quarantine mandates in effect, there are more licensed massage therapists and wellness professionals accessing online learning than at any point in our professional history.

Online learning can prove to be challenging for us…due to the tactile nature of our career. We are used to our learning experiences including touching and movement. With that taken out of the equation, learning and retaining knowledge can be a daunting task.  While it may be a challenge at first, it is still possible to have an awesome e-learning experience!

Here’s a few tips for you to make the most out of online learning:


1. Limit Your Distractions

Find a quiet place free of commotion and close the door. Close any and all unnecessary browsers. Also, put your phone on “Do Not Disturb”. This will turn off the ringer and social media notifications.

2. Take Handwritten Notes

Writing your notes by hand helps you to retain the information better than using a Word document. Taking notes is especially helpful when watching a video lesson or podcast.

3. Don’t Try to Digest the Lesson All at Once

This often leads to cramps and muscle aches (which is why most of our clients come to see us)! It also leads to daydreaming, loss of focus, and a decrease in your ability to retain the information. Instead, pause the lesson every 10 minutes to take notes. Take a 5 minute stretching break every hour.

4. Embodiment

Embodying the lesson allows you to take what is on the screen and make it tangible. For example: mimic the movements and make note of how a stretch feels. Pretend that there is a body in front of you. Practice the techniques like you would on a client. Lastly, palpate the areas on your body and on a partner if one is available.

I hope you found these quick tips helpful! Feel free to contact me with any specific questions!

Be well,



Remember…quiet your mind, have faith in your foundation, and trust the work.

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