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Would you believe all you need for a soothing massage are comfy clothes, a yoga mat and yourself?

Vanessa Hazzard, an author, yoga instructor, educator, mother and internationally-trained massage therapist, will join us for very special workshop at this year’s Namas Day festival – “Thai Yoga Massage Basics” – to show just how this is miraculous massage is possible.

Vanessa discovered Thai Massage in 2004 while at massage therapy school, and was immediately drawn to its inclusivity and accessibility.

“It was the only modality I learned where families and friends were massaging one another. That was such a departure from what we typically think about massage and movement in the West,” she said.

Vanessa went on to teach her first class in a converted garage to father-son duo, a newly engaged couple, long-time best friends, and a married couple.

“Everyone had different body types, levels of flexibility, and past injuries, but there were accessible variations so no one was excluded.”

For Vanessa, massage and yoga has become a family affair.

“My son, Phoenix, and I do Thai Massage and partner yoga regularly. He’s a martial artist so it is great for body awareness and mobility. It is also a great way for us to bond after a long day of school and work.”

The accessibility and community elements of Thai massage remains important to Vanessa. She hopes sharing knowledge encourages others to continue to pass that knowledge to others.

“I love teaching Thai Massage and partner yoga to people because I want them to share it with the people they love. Seeing a professional can get expensive, so teaching others so that they can share with their own family and community makes healing accessible.”

If you’d like to learn about Thai Massage and how to share the practice with others, join Vanessa on Saturday, October 26. Register online today at NamasDay.com.